Every poker player wants to aim high and play in the World Series of Poker one day. While practicing and playing in smaller events, knowing how to play in the WSOP is essential to trace career goals. Therefore, pay close attention to the summarized description of how the tournament works.

What Is the World Series of Poker – WSOP?

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the World Cup of the poker players, a festival that assembles aspiring young minds and worldwide masters. In total, it currently comprehends 101 events that vary in terms of buy-ins and variations – half of the events are Texas Hold ’Em-based. That way, there is a room for everyone’s taste, as long as they buy or grant a seat.

When Does It Occur, and Where Is It Held?

The WSOP occurs every year in Las Vegas – of course – at the Rio Casino, and some also occur online. It had to be postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, but, in general, most events take place during June and July. It was not the first time dates changed, and the reasons in the past involved the presidential election of the United States in 2012, for example. That is essential to know for those players heading to the United States solely for the WSOP.

How to Get Into the WSOP?

Buy-ins for the WSOP’s Main Event will take at least $10,000 from any poker player willing to get in. Lower buy-ins can be found for smaller events, costing around $400. Comparatively, the event Big One for One Drop has the most expensive buy-in of $1,000,000.

You also need to be at least 21 years old, but nothing in your previous experience can hinder you from participating. In other words, as long as the buy-in is paid and the player manages to survive, it is possible to win the prizes.

Fortunately, there are WSOP satellite events that can spare skillful players from playing any buy-in – large or not. They can have very low buy-ins – for example, $40-100 – if compared to the Main Event. Winning those is the cheapest way to guarantee a seat in the WSOP events. Even better: those satellite events are held online too.

What are the Payouts?

Each tournament has a different payout, and it always varies according to the number of players. It is a fact that the WSOP Main Event pays millions of dollars, like Hossein Essan, who won $10,000,000 and the bracelet of the WSOP Main Event.

What about that bracelet? Is it worth anything?

Well, every single WSOP event awards a bracelet to its winner, which is made of genuine gems and gold. Most players will want to keep it, but Peter Eastgate managed to make $150,000 from the sale of the Main Event one and donated it to UNICEF, according to ESPN. It is worth quite a lot, but those who win the millionaire prize most certainly will not benefit much from selling their bracelet.

The Takeaway

It is clear now that the WSOP tournament is open to all levels of poker players, with over a hundred different events and several variations. The possibility to play both satellite and actual WSOP events through the internet also counts as a great advantage nowadays. If you ever feel prepared for a real challenge, at least you already know where it is held.

In general, the best recommendation is to aim for satellite events and spare good money for better accommodation in Las Vegas, for as long as the tournament lasts.

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