Everyone at least heard of League of Legends even before it became popular in Esports betting. Nowadays, after more than 10 years since its release, it is one of the greatest titles to bet on in sports betting sites. One more thing is a fact: both LoL players and punters coming from other markets can benefit from good tips on League of Legends betting.

What League of Legends Events to Follow and Bet On?

The most important LoL event to watch for Esports online betting is the League of Legends World Championship, or simply LoL Worlds. It has been out there since 2011 and has brought grateful surprises in the past few years. Its prize pool reaches values between $2 and 6.5 million, and the participating teams are not there just for fun.

Another event to pay attention to in the best bookmakers for Esports betting is the Mid-Season Invitational, MSI. A total of 14 teams, each one already a champion from their respective regions, battle for a prize pool over $1 million.

Talking about different regions, you can start by guessing who will win in smaller events. As some examples, the NA (North America) LCS Summer Tournament or the EU (Europe) LCS Summer Tournament.

Of course, not necessarily betting on the winning team is the best way to go. There are fun bets to place pre-match or even live, like Match Duration (over/under) and First Blood.

What are the Top League of Legends Teams?

According to GOSU LoL, China and South Korea count on the best League of Legends teams to bet on. When checking any rankings, keep in mind the differences in total points are not large and that some underdogs might surprise you. Therefore, consider the all-time win rate and how the team has been performing in the last events.

Among the LoL teams to bet on that deserve some attention, it is worth mentioning:

  • DAMWON Gaming: 72% all-time wins and currently #1 in the overall ranking, surprising after conquering only 3rd to 5th places in 2019.
  • Top Esports: One of the favorites, showing itself as a prominent figure in the summer season of 2020. They count on Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo, who joined them in 2020 according to GamePedia, and who is one of the best LoL bot laners.
  • Gen G: The LCK (LoL Korean tournament) veterans of Gen. G carry a win rate of 74% this season, but only 62% when we consider all-time wins. It is worth accompanying them, especially against the less powerful teams.
  • G2 Esports: Yes, Europeans also have a strong LoL team representing them in the LoL championships. The real question is if they are prepared to eliminate the curse that keeps Western teams from the leadership.

Summarized LoL Betting Tips

  • Match winner, mal handicaps, and map totals are the most popular League of Legends betting markets.
  • Study the basic strategies and watch League of Legends events before placing bets.
  • When playing live, consider that the teams’ strategy may differ and only show their true power around mid-game.
  • Even if it is one of the best LoL teams to bet on, their momentum of glorious advance might take 2-3 weeks to build. Be patient and prefer to accompany a tournament rather than bet on a single event.
  • There is no 100% right or wrong, and that is the beauty of betting online, especially if there is streaming available.
  • Like traditional sports, Esports like League of Legends have prognostics that can help choose markets and favorite teams.
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