Few sports can compete with races when it comes to emotion. Thanks to the possibility of betting live, the most popular racing sports in Canada are also featured as favourites in bookmakers. After all, only those listed here offer an unbearable level of excitement that only speed can provide us, betting humans. Before building the next bet slip with your well-deserved free bet or next deposit, take a look at the list below.

Racing Sports and Events to Bet on in Canada

The purpose here is not to create an exhaustive list, but rather select those that no punter should miss. As always, punters should keep in mind pre-match and live bets will differ in markets and odds. Therefore, although the event streaming tends to bring exciting emotions, do not forget to check them in advance for extraordinary opportunities.

Horse Betting: The Most Popular Racing Sport in Canada

Horse betting is so important that there are bookmakers exclusively dedicated to it. To exemplify its importance even further, Northern Dancer, a Canadian-bred horse that won the Kentucky Derby, was inducted to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1965 – the first non-human to achieve it, all according to Wikipedia.

The Canadian racing season starts in April and lasts until December, but online betting allows players to bet on worldwide horse racing events. The most significant Canadian horse racing event is the Triple Crown, with different surfaces and tracks. Speaking worldwide, the American’s Triple Crown – comprised of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – is a must for bettors. Do not forget to check the Breeder’s Cup, too.

Formula 1 Race Betting

If the word is speed, then Formula 1 could not be kept away from this list. The global tour does not include the Grand Prix of Montreal every year, but it is a great event when it does. According to Bonjour Quebec, it should be back in 2021. Similar to other racing sports, Canadians can still bet on each race, and not only on the winner. Betting on the manufacturers or even in one of the prop bets is always an alternative.

IndyCar Series Betting

Although the F1 cars have better acceleration, those in the IndyCar Series are much faster. Once every year, Canada hosts the Honda Indy Toronto event, open to sports betting like all other race events mentioned here. The best feature of the IndyCar Series is that streets are used as racing tracks, instead of being limited to closed racetracks.

Canadian Superbike Championship

The most popular superbike event in Canada includes several manufacturers and racing styles, perfect for those who like some variation in their bet slips. Its tracks have been to Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia, but are now featured in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Perfect for bettors a bit tired of animals and cars.

The Takeaway

Bettors in Canada can explore all major and minor events of racing sports around the world, and still, there are essential popular racing sports in Canada they should not miss. It would take ages to determine and exemplify all of them, but this list did an excellent job showing a preview of what Canada offers.

As explained, seek the true emotion of live betting and streaming available in most sports betting sites for Canadians, but do not limit yourself. Pre-race markets may have exciting opportunities that do not take more than five minutes to check. Whenever waiting for the next big event, browse through the odds,Find out the most popular racing sports in Canada to bet on and which events are worth taking a look, for both live and pre-race markets and boosted odds. and prepare your bankroll to cover all those possibilities.