Both Canadians who play lottery games as a regular hobby and people who almost never purchase a ticket have one thing in common. Everybody loves to hear a good story about lottery winners, especially when they live close by, as that means that it could be their turn to become millionaires soon enough.

The latest biggest lottery winners in Canada always have a good story behind their prize, which often works as an inspiration for those who are sure that they will win it someday.

Who are the Latest Biggest Lottery Winners in Canada?

In order to make sure the lottery players reading this are up-to-date with the latest biggest lottery winners, the best stories of big prizes from the last few weeks were selected. Remember that lotteries are games of luck, and the only thing that someone can do to have a shot is to keep playing, regardless of the numbers.

Manitoba Man Wins Lotto 6/49 But Takes His Time

Keith Spulnick of Manitoba won the C$27.5 million jackpot playing the May 12 draw of Lotto 6/49. Similar to all other jackpot winners, he first needed to digest the information, so he finished some chores before telling his wife, who at first wondered if it was not C$27,000 instead.

Fortunately, it was not only that, and the following sequence made them a happy millionaire couple: 30 – 35 – 39 – 42 – 46 – 48. The couple had been facing some financial issues due to a medical emergency recently and will never have to worry about that again. When things get back to normal after the pandemic, they plan to travel with a new trailer.

In addition, they also broke the record of the biggest prize outside of Winnipeg.

Two Millionaire Prizes in Manitoba

This period has been full of records to the Canadian Lottery, with the popular Lotto Max draw game offering C$117 million in prizes and the maximum prize of C$70 million. No one got the jackpot, but two ticket holders won two C$1 million prizes from Manitoba as Maxmillion rewards. They were two of the total of 47 Maxmillion prizes that changed the life of many Canadians.

Patience Pays Off – C$4.4 Million in Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is popular for a reason, as another new millionaire matched the numbers with a Quick Pick ticket. Arthur Walters, a retired entrepreneur, had been playing the same numbers for decades until he let the machine decide for him and got lucky. He also said that he had been playing online using the website since the platform was launched.

He won a C$4.437 million jackpot playing on the May 22 draw.

Huge Prizes Still Unclaimed

While some Canadians already claimed and withdrew their well-deserved prize, some people seem to have forgotten that they can become millionaires. Of course, it is also possible that they might have just lost their tickets.

An Atlantic Canada ticket holder, for example, is yet to collect a $6 million jackpot for the Lotto 6/49 draw on May 28, according to CP24. On the OLG website, it is possible to see how much money goes unclaimed. Therefore, make sure to sign your winning ticket and keep it safe until you can claim it, or your story will never be part of our articles on the latest biggest lottery winners in Canada.