The year 2020 was not the best in terms of sports betting due to the recent pandemic of Sars-Cov-2. Fortunately, a new season is about to begin, and there will hopefully be a myriad of prime sports events for betting in 2021. Regardless of where the punter is placing bets from, it will be possible to bet on events from South America to Europe using a single click, thanks to online sportsbooks.

What are the Best Sports Events for Betting in 2021?

Among the favourites, the following sports are a must for punters who like to diversify their bet slips. Therefore, this listing article carries at least one event to bet on in 2021 of:

  • Soccer
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Golf

Soccer: European Championship, Nations League, and Copa America

Soccer is an absolute favourite in sports betting sites and the leader when it comes to bonuses, including free bets. 2021 will not be different, and the European Championship is one of the best shots for great odds after it was postponed. Without a host country, 24 teams will star the Pan Euro 2021, starting June 11.

Among other great soccer events for betting in 2021, there is the Copa America, with fewer matches than the Euro Championship – and some people dare say a better-quality soccer style. Also, the UEFA Nations League cannot be forgotten, as it should be concluded by October 21st with its exciting Finals.

Horse Racing: One of the Top Sports Events for Betting in 2021

The Cheltenham Festival starts and ends in March 2021, perfect for punters who dislike accompanying events that last a whole year. Similar to other horse racing sports events, ante-post bets are a popular pick, especially with the offers with boosted odds.

On the other side, horse racing is also successful when it comes to virtual sports. There is even a famous virtual event, called The Virtual Grand National, which occurs shortly after the Cheltenham Festival. It is provided by Inspired Entertainment Inc., a company listed on NASDAQ, which developed trustworthy and completely random digital horse races.

Tennis: Fast-paced Tournaments

Tennis punters might be missing the ATP Team World Cup, which finally returns in January 2021. While tennis players seek the millionaire prize and a total of 750 ranking points, bettors take advantage of that competitiveness to predict exciting results. 2021 also reserves great emotions due to the French Open Roland Garros, in Paris. Once again, the high level of competitiveness makes the unpredictable results an excellent option for betting with excellent odds.

Rugby: The League’s World Cup

While the fans of the Rugby Union World Cup will have to wait until 2023, England will host the Rugby League World Cup, in which 16 teams will compete – and the undeniable favourite, Australia, will try to conquer another title. Perhaps it will be the year to vote for the underdogs and profit from it.

Golf: Worldwide Events for Betting in 2021

Both golf masters and prominent bets are natural outcomes from the US Masters championship, which occurs this year of 2020. Following it, the second major event, the US PGA Championship, is a great opportunity for the year of 2021. Moving forward from the US events, there are golf events for betting in 2021 in other countries as well, such as the European Tour holding events from 2020 to 2021, and the worldwide PGA Tour, also distributed across two years.

The Takeaway

Each one of the top 5 sports listed with their best events counts on several other tournaments and championships in the year 2021. Likewise, each event has hundreds of markets and lines to bet on. While they still have time, punters should chronologically divide their bankroll management and plan their moves upfront. Of course, things may change along the way, but planning will spare them from anxiety and from feeling lost.