First-person shooter games were always popular for competing among friends and are now part of professional Esports. Call of Duty, published by Activision, has been featured in such tournaments since CoD 4: Modern Warfare. It is disputed in teams, and each player may have a different role, such as acting as a slayer or as a support teammate. Outside of the arenas, punters are starting to develop strategies for the Call of Duty betting markets.

Similar to other Esports, the most popular Call of Duty betting markets are the Moneyline bets and handicaps. Those willing to risk a bit more tend to look for outright and prop bets due to both higher profitability rates and excitement. However, before placing any bet, it is necessary to know the main events and the best CoD teams.

Call of Duty Events to Follow and Bet On

The Call of Duty World League Championship, also known as “Champs”, is an annual and official tournament by Activision that determines the ultimate CoD champion. The latest prize pool of $4.6 million was the highest in the history of Champs, and the event was carried out online due to the pandemic. While that may have impacted fans, bettors stand watching live via bookie streaming.

Considering the proportions of the Call of Duty World League, bettors new to Esports will be satisfied with sticking to it. The qualification phases take place in the Activision’s World League in four different countries (one in Europe, one in North America, Australia, and New Zealand), where the best teams get their championship seat.

What are the Best Call of Duty Teams?

After opening the markets to start betting on Call of Duty, choosing a team is not as easy as with virtual sports. Results occur not by chance but according to the skills of each player and the team as a whole. Fortunately, there is enough history to identify those teams that have been on a lucky streak:

Dallas Empire: while three of the players on this team’s roster are well known in the CoD world, the remaining two rookies have been proving themselves valuable assets. They won the last Champs and take home the highest prize, according to Gamepedia.

Atlanta Faze: Second to Dallas, Atlanta Faze kept itself atop the boards for most of the season. Simp, one of Atlanta’s rookies, led eUnited to Champs and even participated in granting them the MVP. Together with Abezy and the rest of the roster, they have a well-balanced team that has everything to keep itself high on top.

Chicago Huntsmen: Another team worth checking is Chicago Huntsmen, building themselves a solid reputation, although still with some highs and lows. They defeated Dallas Empire 3 out of 4 times but lost to several other teams. Luck or skill in development? We need to watch to know for sure.

Summary of Call of Duty Betting Tips

  • The top teams in 2020 may change a lot compared to the year before, and it will be the same in 2021. Call of Duty changes and the championship remains, and only those teams that adapt well continue atop.
  • Study the rules of CoD and the history of the competing teams, just like before betting on traditional sports such as soccer.
  • Go for the special bets when looking for some fun.
  • Knowing how the game works is the best way to catch great opportunities during in-play Call of Duty betting.
  • Always look for boosted odds promotions for big events and increase the winnings for the same bets.