Dota 2 is a MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena – game developed by Valve Corporation, which is also responsible for CS:GO. It is incredibly popular among gamers and punters interested in worldwide tournaments and events of Esports like Dota 2 for different reasons.

While there are punters who dedicate exclusively to Dota 2 betting markets, others are just starting to pay attention to it. In that case, the most important aspects to consider are the events and teams that should be on the betting radar. Of course, taking some time to watch events and Dota 2 streaming will also help to use the competition information wisely.

What Dota 2 Events to Follow and Bet On?

After opening a bookmaker with Esports and clicking on “Dota 2”, a vast world of live and pre-match odds appears. Choosing them without knowing their importance or what level of players participate in such events is not what a smart punter does. The first thing to keep in mind is that major championships are always a good option – especially with boosted odds promotions.

The International

The International is a tournament that concludes the Dota Professional Circuit, and that should ring a bell on those looking for exciting live bets. With over two months of events, it starts with open qualifiers and ends in the main event, and its prize pool may reach over $25 million.

Dota Pro Circuits

Those teams seen in The International are redirected from smaller tournaments such as those of the Dota Pro Circuit, which replaced the previous invitation system – after all, they have more than enough teams to compete for that seat.

It comprises several different events but accompanying them as part of the Dota Pro Circuit works well for choosing the best teams during The International. Some names in the circuit are ONE, EPICENTER, ESL One, StarLadder, and MDL.

What are the Top Dota 2 Teams?

Watching the main Dota 2 events may give an idea of which teams are doing better that season. However, a holistic view of their performance year after year can avoid surprises. Just because a team has a better ranking in points for the year 2020, for example, does not mean it has more chances of winning The International that year. According to ESL’s World Ranking, the current top Dota 2 teams are:

  • Team Secret: So far, managed to keep #1 for 265 days in a row, even though it is #3 in the ranking of the Data Pro Circuit, according to Liquipedia.
  • Team Liquid: achieved the mark of 300 days in the Top 10, but only reached #1 in August 2019. It has a long way ahead to beat Team Secret in the ranking.
  • Vici Gaming: currently #10, they have over 650 days in the top 10, including 103 days as #1 – being the longest streak of 70 days. It is the time of team you cannot ignore when betting on Dota 2 just because their current position is not that high.

Summarized Dota 2 Betting Tips

  • Study how the Dota 2 matches work, including the three different types of matches that can be decided in one, three, or five games.
  • The most popular Dota 2 betting markets are the match win (or Moneyline) and the handicaps.
  • Always check for special Dota 2 bonuses and boosted odds promotions to give your bankroll some relief.
  • Prop/Special bets such as “most picked/banned hero” are fun ways to bet on Dota 2, especially live events.
  • Even if you prefer betting on Dota 2 live, check the odds for pre-match events and avoid losing excellent opportunities.
  • The top teams do not necessarily reflect the best Dota 2 players in tournaments. Check their overall stats and their conditions prior to competing.