The universal popularity of soccer goes beyond the traditional matches around the world, represented by athletes that move fingers instead of their legs. The most famous soccer video game and currently a challenging Esport is the creation of EA Sports: FIFA.

Among the features that make it popular, it is worth mentioning its well-developed engines and the fact that the team depends on a single player, not on 11 of them. That feature, by the way, makes FIFA betting easier than actual soccer.

What Events Have the Best FIFA Betting Markets?

Some punters are prepared to bet in just any event that seems to carry opportunity in the shape of appealing odds, while others have a limited bankroll. In both cases, knowing which FIFA events are worth your time and money is a must for betting efficiency. Therefore, keep both eyes open for the following tournaments:

FUT Champions: Players have to win 27 games in one weekend to conquer a place in the Global Series Ranking. From then on, players can participate in the FUT Champions Cups, a total of six for each Global Series. The players have to qualify online and then earn the right to dispute the prize pool of $200,000.

FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments: Players represent their favorite domestic leagues, like Premier League and Bundesliga, in FIFA. As a reward, they can qualify for the Global Series Playoffs.

FIFA eChampions League: a FIFA version of the Champion League with a prize pool of $280,000 that is great for getting to know the players’ ability.

FIFA Majors: Divided into two big tournaments: the eNations Cup and the eClub World Cup. Their winners accumulate the exact same amount of points awarded in the FUT Champions Cup. Their prize pool is of $100,000.

FIFA Global Series Playoffs: The 128 best players of a given year can finally achieve enough points for the biggest FIFA event: the FIFA eWorld Cup. Only 32 players will make it through, besides getting part of the $250,000 prize pool.

FIFA eWorld Cup: Most FIFA betting concentrates on the eWorld Cup, the biggest FIFA tournament. In total, players dispute for the $500,000 prize money.

Who are the Best FIFA Players?

Before taking notes, mind that the list below does not intend to be exhaustive, and it is important to remember that uncertainty is what makes betting have any meaning.

Mohammed Harkous (mo_aubameyang): Mohammed won the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2019 and is considered one of the best FIFA eSports players out there. Already won approximately $370,000, according to Liquipedia – same source for the values below.

Donovan Hunt (TekKz): Has been conquering several great positions, including 1st place in varied tournaments. He already won over $440,000 playing FIFA.

Mosaad Aldossary (Msdossary): Mossad is a very active FIFA eSports player with total earnings around $570,000 – bigger than the eWorld Cup’s prize pool. With a few exceptions, he has been conquering several 1st and 2nd places since 2018, including winning the Grand Final of the Fifa eWorld Cup 2018.

Spencer Ealing (Gorilla): Spencer may not be collecting victories since 2018, but there is no doubt that he is one of the best FIFA eSports players out there. In debates about FIFA, he often comes up as a reference, and people expect him to recover.

Summary of Call of Duty Betting Tips

  • Study the skills of the best FIFA eSports players and know the rules of the current FIFA version before placing any bets – even the simplest ones.
  • Do not forget to set your bankroll management to avoid going beyond your possibilities. Sometimes that great opportunity might not end up as you wanted.
  • Losses are gone, do not try to recover them. Instead, plan better next time.
  • Prefer simple bets rather than prop bets and those that are difficult to win in case you are a beginner.
  • Regardless of how much of a soccer fan you are, understand FIFA as a whole new sport and grow accustomed to it before betting.