Rainbow Six and Overwatch betting is based on tournaments of these two team-based first-person shooter games. While Rainbow Six is often compared to the all-time favorite CS:GO, Overwatch adds a touch of MOBA games such as League of Legends.

Knowing their most popular events to bet on and which teams are featured as favorites is essential to increase the odds in favor when betting online. Therefore, take notes together with the evaluation of the essence of each game.

What Events Have the Best Betting Markets?

Choosing Overwatch and Rainbow Six betting markets depends on the offered odds, but also on the level of an event. The more information and history are available on teams and their players, the better the prognosis.

Rainbow Six Betting Events

Since 2017, Rainbow Six Siege counts on professional tournaments with live and pre-match bets. They are divided into three levels:

Minors: anyone from the 5 main regions can join it and start a career. It may be fun to watch but lacks data to build a solid bet slip.

Pro League: matches played at a professional level between 4 different regions, competing for the prize pool of around $290,000 according to Liquipedia. That is when betting starts to get

Majors: the ultimate Rainbow Six championship, called Six Major, occurs with only 16 teams from all around the world. Each region (Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Europe) has a separate Major and gets $125,000. The final event has $500,000 in its prize pool.

Overwatch Betting Events

Several Overwatch events are divided into categories such as qualifiers, minors, majors, mixed, and premier events. Similar to when it comes to Rainbow Six Betting, the biggest events allow punters to build their Esports betting strategy better. That said, the events worth paying attention to are:

Overwatch League: divided into Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs and All-Star eliminations, it is an official league by Blizzard, the creator of Overwatch. The latest prize pool was over $3 million.

Overwatch World Cup: Esports also have world cups, although it is nowhere near the importance of the Overwatch League. Players are voted by their countrymen to have a chance to become a star in the Overwatch World Cup. The latest prize pool was $205,000 in 2019.

Who are the Best Players?

It is time to know which players from what teams punters should be attentive to when betting on the main events of Overwatch and Rainbow Six.

Top 3 Rainbow Six Siege Players

  • Jake “Virtue” Grannan (Fnatic): FNATIC, as other APAC teams, tend to practice alone due to the distance to other regions. Even so, Virtue, one of the best Buck players in his region, is definitely a player to have an eye on due to his high-level performance.
  • Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu (BDS Esport): Shaiiko is known for his incredible knowledge of the game and history of multiple aces in his name.
  • Ben “CTZN” McMillan (Natus Vincere): CTZN is a stand-out player that does not hide, regardless of what type of match it is. So far, it has proven a solid strategy, conquering the title of MVP in the competitions with his team.

Top 3 Overwatch Best Players

  • Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang: JJoNaK belongs to the New York Excelsior, known for the best performance in the last season. He got the well-deserved place of MVP of season 1 of the Overwatch League.
  • Félix “xQc” Lengyel: The controversial relation between his in-game aggressive temper and his skills makes him a valuable gem in Overwatch.
  • Daniel “dafran” Francesca: His map awareness is one of the many features that classify Dafran as one of the best Overwatch players. That can be proven in his streaming statistics, being one of the most-watched Overwatch streamers of all time.

Summary of Overwatch and Rainbow Six Betting Tips

  • Played in teams, Overwatch and Rainbow Six are based on the skills and performance of separate players. Analyze them as a whole and as individuals before placing bets.
  • Moneyline bets are ideal for beginners but do not underestimate the importance of prop and outright bets in Esports.
  • Learn the basics of each game, their rules, and watch some streamers to get hold of it.

Build a strategy, and do not simply go betting on every single match. Choose the best events and decide on a line of thought.