It seems that someone wished upon a star in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and the star just happened to decide the land there. In less than a month, quite a few of its inhabitants earned thousands and even up to a million dollars. All those lucky lottery winners have an interesting story, and they seem to have plans for their money already.

Who Won the Lottery in Grande Prairie?

The first outstanding lottery prize in Grande Prairie was Gordon Aebly’s. He won over $162,000 with a single LOTTO MAX ticket. In total, he had six out of the total of seven common numbers, plus the bonus number 13 – that is right, 13! The draw that resulted in his winning occurred on November 10, and the ticket has cost him not more than $26 while shopping in a mini-market.

Next, according to WCLC, Clement Kawi was the lucky winner of Lotto 6/49’s SuperDraw event on November 28. His stop at the closest Circle K convenience store earned him the winning ticket of $1 million and numbering 24915289-01.

In common, both Aebly and Kawi share the intention to pay down some debt of theirs, despite the huge difference between the prizes.

The Other Winners of Grande Prairie

That famous saying about how it is not the winning but the taking part that counts does not and will never apply to the lottery. Therefore, “other winners” here actually mean more lucky people from Grande Prairie who also became rich overnight by a twist of fate.

After Kawi became a millionaire thanks to Lotto 6/49, the couple Bernie and Jane Dennis got $500,000 via scratching right before December arrives. That is an excellent Christmas gift, and no one can say otherwise. That is all because they gave a 200X Multiplier Zing ticket a chance, also at a convenience store, for only $20.

The Dennis couple also has some plans for the half-million dollars prize. That money comes out in handy for purchasing a new vehicle and also help in an upcoming move they had planned.

It seems that the people of Grande Prairie really know what convenience means. Two winners in such a small timeframe already constituted a coincidence worth discussing at a table with friends, but three has to mean something. At least that is what some lottery players fond of superstition should be telling themselves by now.

What is the Secret of Grande Prairie?

Jokes apart, lotteries and scratchcards are games of chance. The perfect combination of huge prizes and uncertainty makes those games almost irresistible to millions of people. In 2019, Alberta alone accounted for almost 1 billion Canadian dollars in lottery games, according to Statista. With or without superstitions or special systems, the truth is that somebody will take the prize. This time, Grande Prairie had its share of lucky players, and that coincidence might repeat itself elsewhere next month. The secret is to have fun and gamble responsibly.