Imagine finding out about a millionaire prize immediately available at the nearest store. That is the feeling three lucky Canadian winners shared these past couple of weeks. Different life stories with the same will to believe in games that can change lives characterize Canada’s latest lottery winners.

Who Won the Latest Lottery Prizes in Canada?

Lottery stories are almost always fun to learn about, especially because most of the players do not expect to receive a millionaire prize that specific time. Although it is not a rule, it definitely humors those that are still waiting to become the newest Canadian millionaires.

British Columbia: $1M in Lotto 6/49

Natalie Jylha of Merritt is a resident of BC who just won $1 million, as stated by GlobalNews. She was simply distracting herself by scrolling down her Facebook timeline as many people tend to do on a Saturday night when she heard the news. Someone in her community was lucky enough to receive a millionaire prize.

Had she not seen that post, she would not check her numbers and figure out that her Walmart ticket was the winner of the January 30 prize draw. She was only not more surprised than her husband, who was already sleeping and woke up to realize their lives had changed.

Saskatchewan: $1.2 million in Vault Breaker

After a hiatus of almost 4 years, the Vault Breaker jackpot came out to Saskatchewan. CKOM states that Michael Tokarz was at Sports on Tap playing a VLT when the prize of $1,182,437.43 became his passport into a new life. His wife, who was playing nearby, stopped all she was doing to celebrate with her husband. They plan to go on a vacation after the pandemic is over.

Nova Scotia: $675,000 in Set for Life Scratch

According to The Guardian, Glace Bay residents seem to be quite lucky this year, as two winners received the Set for Life’s biggest prize within weeks. Gallant and Lois, his wife, won $650k after finding the Set for Life icons on their scratch card. Even when they only needed one to win the jackpot, they were not believing his luck, precisely because they recently had another winner in their community.

Both winners decided on the lump sum payment instead of $4,000 every month for a total of 25 years. It seems that the Glace Bay residents are eager to give their lives a twist.

Calgary:  $1 million with a Western Max ticket

Derek Downey is another new millionaire who decided to invest in a super pack of $24 and ended up winning the Western Max lottery. According to his interview with GlobalNews, his plans now involve helping his family and retiring in British Columbia, where he might continue to try his luck in other games.

What is Their Secret?

Although there are strategies and methods to reduce lottery combinations to a pool of possibilities, lotteries remain to be pure chance. The most certain way to become another one in the group of millionaires is to keep playing and never forget to check the numbers.