An overwhelming feeling of happiness and a turmoil of thoughts is usually what the biggest lottery jackpot winners in Canada go through. Winning such large prizes can change lives forever. People can take the lump sum and live happily ever after, or even choose to receive monthly installments and never think of work again.

Knowing those stories may be a great source of inspiration or merely a way to satisfy simple curiosity. Either way, those fun or surprising stores below on the biggest lottery jackpots won in Canada, including the year of 2020, are worth your time.

Top 3 Biggest Millionaire Lottery Jackpots Won in Canada

Some lucky winners were blessed and did not have to share their prizes. Others won enough to pay their debts and mortgage, and even take a whole year traveling around the world in comfort. Whatever the case may be, each one of the top lottery jackpots won in Canada reserves a different narrative worth knowing.

1) The Biggest Lottery Jackpot in Canada: $70 million in 2020

Adlin Lewis is a happier man who started the year 2020 – which has been tough on many people worldwide – as a wealthy man. According to CTV News, He won an outstanding $70 million jackpot prize in the Lotto Max lottery. It was a record-breaking jackpot sold in the city of Brampton, Ontario. Thanks to the draw on January 7th, one of the two weekly draws of Lotto Max, he may leave his credit-risk manager job and enjoy his 50s.

His story is not only a happier and record-breaking one but also quite funny. He checked the results through his app, which returned an error the first time. Imagine if he did not have the patience to check it once more!

2) Single-ticket $64 million jackpot prize in 2015

Before the record mentioned above jackpot prize in Canada, Zhe Wang, from Mississauga, held that first place with a $64 million prize with a 6/49 Lotto ticket. As Canada does not tax lottery winnings, she managed to keep everything, including her anonymity, for a long while. According to CBC Canada, she bought the winning ticket from a Petro-Canada station, not even suspecting how much her life would change.

3) Two Lucky Winners Split $120 million in 2015

It seems that 2015 was a great year to gamble in the City of Mississauga, which was responsible for providing two Canadians $60 million each. That lucky draw occurred in Lotto Max, just like the biggest single lottery jackpot won in Canada.

As stated by Global News, the two winners, a retired HR manager and a woman from Southwestern Ontario, discovered on the night of December 25 that they would never have problems with money again. Both winners also mentioned they would donate a big part of their prizes to charity. That is what people would call a real Christmas spirit, right?

How to Increase the Chances of Winning the Biggest Lottery Jackpots?

Taking an in-depth look at any one of the biggest lottery jackpots won in Canada, regardless of the year, often reveals people who buy a lotto ticket now and then. Purchasing dozens of tickets or following a certain pattern has no influence on how lucky someone can get.

Also, lottery players know that several other small prizes compensate for the investment. Instead of always aiming at jackpots, waiting for the largest draws, playing whenever feeling lucky can result in a few thousand Canadian dollars.

As the three stories above revealed, people are awarded life-changing prizes when they less expect. Bet on lotteries for the sake of fun, and your lucky day might come.