It is not rare to hear that a millionaire actor or musician is involved with gambling, specifically with games of skill. That is true in the poker world, which welcomes people of all ages and types, including celebrities taking some time from their hard work.

In most cases, it seems that money is not the reason behind that phenomenon,  responsible for interesting stories of celebrities who are famous poker players.

Celebrities You Never Knew Played Poker

In some casinos, one could dare say the names below are best known for the assiduity with which they appear for a table of poker or blackjack. Within the next paragraph, identify the most popular names, and act naturally the next time those celebrities who play poker sit at your table.

Ben Affleck: Frequent Poker and Blackjack Player

The name of Ben Affleck might be forgotten as the last Batman with all the changes in the DC Universe, but he will remain the card-game celebrity guy. The Business Insider magazine tells the famous story of when he tipped a total of $140,000 to the casino staff after playing blackjack.

He seems to be even better in poker, though. According to the same source, he won $350,000 in the California State Poker Championship and a seat in the WPT tournament.

Ben Affleck also organized a tournament to raise money for Feeding America during the pandemic, getting $1.75 million for the cause. That information came from Forbes, which states his 2020 earnings to be $55 million. Even so, he keeps playing with small buy-ins, indicating Affleck is a cautious player.

Tobey Maguire: Celebrity and Famous Poker Player

Forever the first Spider-man, Tobey Maguire does not need to cheat using spider webs to be a poker champion. With over 15 years of experience as a player, he interchangeably plays online and in live events.

According to Hindustan Times, his acquaintance, Houston Curtis, revealed that Toby managed to raise $30 to $40 million dollars from poker games in a few years. There is a great chance that all that money coming from tables had some impact on why we do not see Tobey Maguire so often in the movies anymore.

Matt Damon: Poker Player on the Big Screen and in Real Life

Matt Damon played a professional poker player in the “Rounders” movie who goes unlucky and almost gives up on his career. However, it is not only in movie roles that Matt Damon proves to be a skilled poker player.

He is usually associated with Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire when it comes to card games, especially blackjack and poker. We cannot specify when that started, but it probably has something to do with becoming Johnny Chan’s apprentice for the movie, as mentioned by CelebMix,

Unlike most celebrities who are famous poker players, Damon is a discreet player, and we rarely find information on his winnings. One thing is certain: it is easier to find him in events with an exclusive invitation rather than in celebrity poker events.

Celebrities Play Poker Like Everyone Else

The lesson here is that celebrities also are men of the people, doing ordinary things and with hobbies similar to those of their fans. Affleck, Maguire, and Damon are just a few examples of many actors, as well as actresses and musicians, who find in gambling their peace of mind.

Of course, not all of them are cautious and prefer to go low, conquering their seats the traditional way. The tabloids are filled with celebrities who lost their hands and quite a fortune for lack of control. As always, regardless of fame and power, bankroll management is essential in poker and similar card games.