Sports betting sites are filled with dozens of alternatives, each one bearing hundreds of events with lines just as large in number. Therefore, knowing the most popular sports to bet on in Canada can at least give a hint on what to try first. Differently from what bettors usually find on the web, this list also considers eSports. After all, they are starting to conquer their space on betting websites.

Top Sports on Canada Online Sports Betting Sites

There are moments where odds and circumstances make one or more lines of a specific sport deserve a punter’s bet. In such times, there is not much room for opting for anything that represents a less profitable opportunity. When that is not the case, the following picks are the best sports to bet on in Canada.

1)   Ice Hockey, the National Winter Sport of Canada

Ice hockey is officially recognized to be the national winter sport of Canada according to the National Sports of Canada Act, assented in 1994. That results from the joy and pride Canadians have for ice hockey, which makes its bets a must for most people. Among the top sports events to bet on in Canada, the 10 months of NHL are absolute favorites. However, thanks to the globalized online sports betting platforms, Canadians can bet on the Finnish Liiga, the Czech Extraliga, the IIHF Championship, or the Kontinental Hockey League.

2)   Basketball, an Invention from Canada

Not everyone is aware that basketball is an invention from a Canadian, more precisely James Naismith. Therefore, it is a matter of honor to be good at it – even if away from the courts, betting on the next results of the NBA. Prop bets may work out great for certain outcomes, but there is no doubt that Canadians love to stick with Moneyline. Well, at least when it comes to basketball.

3)   Baseball, Hundreds of Events Throughout the Year

The incredible number of baseball bettors in sports betting sites shows that, even though lacrosse is the summer official national sport, it is baseball that catches the Canadians’ attention. In terms of the number of events, the MLB, Major League of Baseball, is several times larger than those of the NHL and NBA. The key when betting on baseball is to seize the opportunity to be cautious, thanks to the several games to bet on.

4)   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It makes no sense to ignore eSports when they represent a good portion of the pre-match and in-game bets in sports betting sites for Canadians. CS:GO represents, together with LoL and Dota 2, something close to 95% of all esports betting around the world, according to the iGamingBusiness magazine.

Involving a different type of skill, the online shooting game CS:GO may one day receive even more bets than traditional sports. For now, it is a growing market. Canadian teens who currently only watch events and play with friends might start to bet on it within the next years – or perhaps participate in an official team.

The Takeaway

Choosing four of the most popular sports to bet on in Canada is not an easy task. Any high-quality sports betting site offers from 30 to more than 40 different options to Canadians, and each punter may have a different taste or style. Even so, this list gives an idea of what sports tend to attract more attention, and that is particularly interesting for bet exchanges.

Finally, take the hint from number 4 and start to pay more attention to eSports. Punters can find attractive bonuses and odds in their specific section on sports betting websites.