Most punters from Canada spend their time on popular Moneyline and handicap lines of football, basketball, and hockey markets. However, it is no surprise for those who are familiar to betting sites that there are some unusual and weird betting markets you can find there. For sure, some bettors reading this article frowned their face at least once while searching for better markets and odds, due to the selections specified below.

What are the Most Unusual and Weird Betting Markets?

Sports are absolute favourites when it comes to online betting, but unusual markets grew more popular, especially during the pauses resulting from the pandemic. Among them, there are some that always catch your attention when searching the menu of sports betting sites.

Political Elections: Different but Not That Unusual

Gauging the results of elections through poll elections is not fail-safe, and the United States proved it in both the last elections of 2016 and 2020 – and is also one of the favourite political betting markets. Therefore, guesses that go against the public perception of election odds may result in excellent gains. That is why political elections betting odds are not only different from traditional sports but also quite attractive.

Space Betting

Do you have a good guess on which country or company will be responsible for sending the first human to Mars? Unusual odds and betting markets related to space exploration are also available in many bookies. They may be related to extraterrestrial bases, space trips, and many other options.

Postponed Sports

Many sports events, including the Tokyo Olympics, were affected due to 2020’s pandemic. Some were cancelled, others simply postponed without a date. Besides waiting to be able to bet on them, punters can actually bet on when the postponed events may occur. Winning on those unusual betting market can work well as a warm-up for the returning events.

Cheese Rolling Weird Betting Markets

The internet’s funny videos and memes made the English sport of cheese rolling famous around the world. Instead of simply having a good laugh on people rolling down the hill, anyone can actually bet on the winner – winning something in complete safety.

Bet on the Next Pope

Pope Francis already gave some signs that he might be growing tired, and that was enough for a next-pope poll to open on the internet. Those who think themselves sufficiently lucky to guess the next pope might have a try on that opportunity.

The End of the World

This weird betting market actually existed, as stated by Polish News, but you can already guess the ridiculous odds that followed it. The funny experience of betting on when the world would end exist cannot really generate any gains, as winnings would mean the end of our existence on Earth. Even so, this list of the most unusual and weird betting markets could not ignore it.

Different Strongman: Wife-Carrying Events

England has cheese rolling, and Ireland has the wife-carrying sport, in which a man carries a woman for over 250 metres with obstacles. Needless to say, that also generates weird betting lines, allowing punters to guess who the faster woman carrier is.

Are Unusual and Weird Betting Markets an Opportunity?

Several popular types of betting markets were unusual one day, especially eSports and virtual sports such as horse racing and soccer. However, that does not mean those weird bets are going to be a great thing one day. If so, getting used to how they work could result in some type of advantage, but that is as improbable as their own existence.